Theatre/Venue: Lucille Lortel Theatre


$630/week minimum


MCC Theater


Co-Artistic Directors: Robert LuPone, Bernard Telsey, William Cantler

Executive Director: Blake West

Author: Philip Dawkins

Director: Will Davis

Casting Director: Telsey + Co


1st Rehearsal: 8/1/17 Runs: 8/31/17 to 10/8/17 (possible extension to 10/22/17)

In Charm, Mama Darleena Andrews, a 67 year old, African-American transgender woman, takes it upon herself to teach an etiquette class at Chicago’s LGBTQ community center.  The idealistic teachings of Emily Post clash with the very real life challenges of identity, poverty and prejudice faced by the center's students. Inspired by the true story of Miss Gloria Allen and her work at Center on Halsted, this new play asks - how do we lift each other up when the world wants to tear us down?

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MAMA DARLEENA ANDREWS. 67. African American. Male-to-Female Transwoman. A former nurse, Chicago born and raised. She is of a certain era now long gone. She somehow manages to be classy and charming even in six inch gator skin heels. She’s got class and she’s got attitude, both in equal proportions. And opinions, she’s got those too. She’s not afraid to tell it how she sees it. Retired now, she could use a little community of her own, and she thinks the tacky, uncouth kids at the Center could benefit quite nicely from her company. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

D. Late 30’s. Any ethnicity. The administrator of Youth Programs at the Center. D’s gender assignment at birth was female, but is gender nonconforming, and uses They- pronouns. They care deeply about the kids at the Center, but are also swamped down in the politics of the organization. D is super vocabularied, highly studied and grad-schooled. A social worker steeped in queer theory and good intentions. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

ARIELA. 33. Puerto Rican American. Male-to-Female transwoman. She is a stunning woman. What she lacks in conventional good taste, she makes up for in natural beauty. No high school education, Ariela has spent most of her life turning tricks on the streets of Chicago's Boystown, and she knows how to take care of herself. A definite chip on her shoulder about being lumped into this group with so many kids, still she attends Mama’s Charm Class voluntarily, mostly to see Mama. She has a vicious tongue, and don’t you dare cross her. There’s a reason she’s still alive after more than twenty years on the street. She survives. She’s recently made an active decision to turn her life around, and is in the process of getting out of The Life, and making healthier choices. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE


JONELLE. 19. Pronounced “John L.” Any ethnicity, not white. More comfortable expressing herself in feminine terms, Jonelle is a male-bodied person who wears women’s clothing (quite well), and uses “She” pronouns. She’s experimenting with her gender expression, and hasn’t yet landed on one over the other, if in fact she plans to at all. She’s smart –sometimes flaunts it – and is currently finishing her first year at a community college in Uptown. Dry, sardonic, already over it. She comes from a rough background, but finally found her way into a supportive foster home that helped her get out of a bad situation. Now her life is on track, but she can “turn street” at the drop of a hat, and gladly. Over the course of this play, she’ll start to discoverer that she’s a great nurturer/caregiver. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

VICTORIA. 23. African American. Heterosexual, cisgender female of size. Homeless. Mother of two young kids who live with her grandma. She’s kind, gregarious, energetic, and generous even though she has nothing. In a relationship with her babydaddy, Donnie. She isn’t educated, but she’s loyal and a hard worker. Victoria is overweight and has trouble with hygiene. Victoria will always put other people’s needs before her own, to a fault. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

DONNY. 21. African American. “Mostly” heterosexual, cisgender male. Homeless. Victoria’s babydaddy. He has no education or job and no desire to change his situation. Defensive and overly sensitive, he can dish it out but can’t take it. Mostly, he dishes it out to Victoria. Donnie is threatened by anyone he perceives is trying to show him up. Likes to clown around. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

BETA. 20ish. African American. Male-identified. Nobody knows that he is a transman (female-to-male). A gangbanger. Thuglife from head to toe. Dresses all in black with dark sunglasses a permanent fixture on his face. He’s quiet and mysterious, the last ember in a scorched field. A dark mystery to most people. His intentions for coming to Charm are unclear, but his history of violence and his association with danger are well known to everyone. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

LADY. Early 20’s. Any ethnicity. A Female-identified person. Assigned a male gender at birth, Lady is having a really hard time expressing her gender to the world successfully. She’s not conventionally attractive, and has trouble sifting through the Goodwill bin to find something that helps her male-shaped body look remotely feminine. Lady is a person living with autism as well as other illnesses otherwise undiagnosable. She has run away from her assisted-living situation in another state to come live in some awful, public housing for people with mental disabilities on the far West Side of Chicago. She has no friends, no family, and nowhere to go outside of her public housing and the Center. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

LOGAN. 18. Any ethnicity. Cisgender gay male, but very androgynous. A pretty kid. Comes from money and privilege and reeks of it. He’s been told he is smart. A lot. He’s lacking in charm in his own myopic way, but he recognizes on some inexplicable level that he belongs in Mama’s Charm School. At the same time, there’s almost nowhere he could possibly be more out of place. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

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