Theatre/Venue: Lucille Lortel Theatre


$630/week minimum


MCC Theater


Co-Artistic Directors: Robert LuPone, Bernard Telsey, William Cantler

Executive Director: Blake West

Author: Philip Dawkins

Director: Will Davis

Casting Director: Telsey + Co


1st Rehearsal: 8/1/17 Runs: 8/31/17 to 10/8/17 (possible extension to 10/22/17)

In Charm, Mama Darleena Andrews, a 67 year old, African-American transgender woman, takes it upon herself to teach an etiquette class at Chicago’s LGBTQ community center.  The idealistic teachings of Emily Post clash with the very real life challenges of identity, poverty and prejudice faced by the center's students. Inspired by the true story of Miss Gloria Allen and her work at Center on Halsted, this new play asks - how do we lift each other up when the world wants to tear us down?

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MAMA DARLEENA ANDREWS. 67. African American. Male-to-Female Transwoman. A former nurse, Chicago born and raised. She is of a certain era now long gone. She somehow manages to be classy and charming even in six inch gator skin heels. She’s got class and she’s got attitude, both in equal proportions. And opinions, she’s got those too. She’s not afraid to tell it how she sees it. Retired now, she could use a little community of her own, and she thinks the tacky, uncouth kids at the Center could benefit quite nicely from her company. CLICK HERE FOR SIDES FOR THIS ROLE

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